A Year of Creative Habits

In 2014 I began a project I called a year of creative habits. I wanted to get back to being creative again. Each day I made a drawing and I shared a photo of it, usually with my breakfast. My year of creative habits project was inspired by artists that write about creativity like Twyla TharpJulia Cameron, and Austin Kleon. My rules were simple:

  • Choose one creative habit. (That first year I chose drawing.)
  • Do it everyday. (I didn't miss a single day in 2014!)
  • Share my effort/progress with others.
  • Reflect and make changes along the way.
crystal moody | a year of creative habits
crystal moody | a year of creative habits
crystal moody | a year of creative habits

My goal was to develop creative habits that worked for me while sharing that experience with others. Along the way people started to join me. Over the past three years of creative habits, I've connected with many other creatives, all doing different creative work. I wanted an official home for this year of creative habits community so I created it.

I put a lot of thought into its purpose. I didn't want it to be one more thing on anyone's "to do" list. I didn't want people to have to pay or jump through hoops to participate. I also didn't want it to be a space where everyone is doing the same thing and gets the same results. There are no rules to limit people creatively.

Instead it's a place you can go to feel connected to other creatives. It's a community that supports you when you hit those creative lows. It's a place to share your creative highs. The people are inspiring and helpful but not a distraction. We are all doing different creative things but all on the same team.

Check it out over at a year of creative habits.